Swan Lakers is devoted to preserving and improving the water quality and natural, cultural, and historical resources of Swan Lake, Montana; including its headwaters, its drainages, and appurtenant lands.

Established as a non-profit 501(c) (3) in 2005, Swan Lakers is a group of friends and neighbors who value the unique character and quality of our community, much of which is based on the pristine nature of the Swan Basin watershed.  Our efforts to preserve and protect this valuable resource include Water Quality Studies, Aquatic Invasive Species Inspections, the Adopt-a-Highway MDOT program, and Swan River Cleanups.  Our organization serves members and the greater community by providing the data, discussion and educational material necessary to make informed decisions regarding issues that affect the watershed’s present and future well being.  Through collaborative efforts with other community organizations and government entities, we work to build a consensus that allows all those who appreciate our special home, residents and visitors alike, the opportunity to maintain the quality of life we all enjoy.  Participation from all who share the Swan Lakers vision is encouraged.  Photos for Banner by Kay Bjork

 Thank you to everyone who attended the Swan Lakers 2017 Annual Meeting and Appreciation Party!  We appreciate all your support, stay tuned for more photos…

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Swan River Cleanup will be held on August 26th, meet us at the Rainbow Drive River Access at 10:00 am.  Float in kayaks, walk the banks or help pick up at the take out spots. Please join us to keep our pristine river trash free!

Thank you to all of our AIS Volunteers for working the Swan Lake Boat Launch this summer…your time and effort is very much appreciated!

June 6, 2017 – Mussels detected…


Aquatic Invasive Species - With regard to AIS, their spread is a growing problem across the United States and Canada. AIS that threaten Montana include Quaga and Zebra mussels, Curly Leaf Pondweed and Eurasian Millfoil. Montana is, for the moment, free of Quaga and Zebra mussels. However, their range is growing since they are easily moved from place to place on trailered watercraft. The introduction of these mussels would be a catastrophe for Montana’s waterways in terms of appearance and the effect on fishing. They reproduce rapidly in the millions fouling shorelines, clinging to structures like pilings, and clogging irrigation systems. They are filter feeders that interrupt the food chain that supports our fish populations. They can literally destroy a fishery.

The Swan Lakers carry out inspections of watercraft to screen for the presence of AIS. Please see the section of our website, “Get Involved and Volunteer”, and join us in protecting Swan Lake and its watershed. More information is available from the Flathead Basin Commission: http://www.flatheadbasincommission.org/chd_sec3pg2.asp

Water Quality Summary Report: The goal of the Swan Lake Water Quality Investigation was to collect water quality information for Swan Lake over a four year period (2010-2013) and compare to baseline data to develop trend analysis and to provide information to resource decision makers.  This study is now complete, see Final Report 2014. Learn More ->

Swan River Gauging Station Click on link below for up to date data.


Gauging Station